Whatever problem your investment/corporate business faces- we will advise you, manage and improve your assets, sell it for you or allow you to invest in special and other opportunities.

VAR Management Ltd. (hereinafter ‘VAR‘) has been a prominent global ‘Special Situation’ firm since 2001 with offices in Israel and affiliations world wide.

When it comes to undervalued/unattended investments/assets- VAR provides its clients with a full range of advisory and management services, corporate finance, stakeholder representation and active investment vehicles.

With over 200 managed processes in public and private companies in Israel, the US, Europe, the Far East, ALTM and other locations, VAR has been chosen as a premier special situation advisor and manager for top tier Private Equity funds, Hedge Funds, Financial Institutions, VC’s, Venture lending funds, banks, holding companies, private investors , companies’ managements (including fortune 500 companies) and others.

VAR has been active in companies with $B’s of assets/debts/revenues, employing thousands of employees in different sectors.

VAR assists its premium clients at the most delicate situations that require fast and professional advice & execution, high level of reliability and confidentiality, creativity and use of its vast experience and large network of contacts.

Due to its core values, experience and network of contacts, VAR also serves as the Israeli representative for non Israeli investors/lenders seeking new Israeli related investment opportunities as well as managing private investments for Israeli and non Israeli stakeholders.

VAR and its principals also make investments in distressed/undervalued companies.