Hi Tech

Technology– VAR has been involved in over 100 technology companies, from VC backed startups to public, Nasdaq traded companies such as Alvarion (gaining a $1B valuation at a time) Backweb and Orkit, Adamind (AIM) and private (Conduit), Eshbal (Priority)- each sold in hundreds of millions among others.

VAR was also involved in patent licensing to companies such as HP, IBM, Microsot etc. and owns a portfolio of US patents acquired from several companies.

In 2019 VAR founded WhoMi, a Fintech, AI, Behavioral Finance company disrupting the $25T retail investment industry. WhoMi is working with large financial institutions from the US and Israel.

Opportunistic investments- VAR has been involved in over 200 companies since 2001 in different sectors, sizes and geographies.

It founded, invested, managed and exited different companies and is always looking at interesting opportunities that can vary in size.

VAR can lead a project and/or partner with others.