Yoav Kfir, CPA (Isr.), Group Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Kfir, CPA (Isr.) 45, is the Founder and Managing Director of VAR Group.  Mr. Kfir has served as Chairman, Board member, Interim CEO, CFO, Advisor and Court-Appointed Officer of various companies.

Mr. Kfir currently serves, inter alia, on the Board of Conduit Ltd. and as a Bondholders Committee representative re. IDB, as a trustee of Alvarion Ltd.

Among his previous roles, Mr. Kfir served as Chairman of Plaza Centers NV as well as a Board and Audit Committee member also of Elbit Imaging, Elbit Medical, Orkit Communications and a board member of Conduit. He also served; as a Creditors’ Committee Member in Africa Group IDB and Elbit Imaging, Advisor to Moti Ben-Moshe in the IDB Group take-over process; Trustee to Eshbel Technologies Ltd; a Court-Appointed Expert to Sunny Electronics, Kaman, Petro Group and others.

Mr. Kfir has been a featured speaker in different conferences- in Israel and other locations including at the annual London and Berlin NPL Conferences and is mentioned in the economic press on various issues relating to Special Situations.

Prior to founding VAR GROUP, Mr. Kfir managed audit projects as well as business development at PwC Israel.  Mr. Kfir is the sole non-government member of the Friends’ Society of Jerusalem Mental Hospitals and serves on several audit committees of non-profit organizations.  Mr. Kfir holds a B.A in Business Administration and is a Certified Public Accountant.


Ofir Bramli, Adv., MBA, PM, Legal and Management

Ofir works on some of Israel’s largest restructuring processes with large US funds who works with VAR.

Ofir heads the analysis of the cases as well as attend negotiation meetings, bond holder meetings, court hearings and manages the communication with the different parties in cases like IDB, Africa Israel etc. Ofir is also responsible for cases such as the technology company Printar, the J&J Israeli subsidiary Colbar, Super Dimension and several other cases.

Ofir worked before in the insolvency unit of the Israeli tax authorities and brings relevant legal and tax expertise. Prior to joining VAR, Ofir served as a commander in the IDF in a variety of roles, including as head of a Fraud Investigation Unit and as a Military Police station commander and brings vast management experience.

Ofir has a law degree (LLB) with honors and a MBA specializing in management.

Ofir is a member of the Israel Bar Association.

Yacov (Jacob) Levi –Transactions & Analysis

Jacob has an extensive international managerial experience in financial systems, acquisition, establishment of public companies, IPOs and sales.

Highly skilled in project execution, establishing of strategy and creating business plans implementing goals and controlling processing.

Extensive experience in creating and developing ongoing business relations with banks, financial institutions and investors as well as maintaining them over extended periods of time.

High level financial experience with international companies, including Global Energy Finance Ltd. (UK), Swiss British FTC LTD (Zurich), Netvision 013 Barack (ISR), Cellcom (ISR) and Orek Group (ISR). Special expertise in funding solutions working with international banks on bondholding structures and designing/implementing large scale financial and operational control systems.

Executive B.A – Bachelor of Business Management from Ruppin Academic Center in Israel.
Carmit Elmaliach, PM, Operations and Management

Carmit, with over 6 years in VAR, heads the operation issues at the different VAR portfolio companies as well as serves as a PM responsible for certain cases.

Carmit is also responsible for internal VAR procedures, compliance and professional issues.


Among Carmit’s cases were some US-Israeli technology companies such as Universal Ad, Correlsense, Sandlinks, ESnips, Intercast, Neocleus, and others. In those cases, Carmit managed the turnaround, restructuring or liquidation processes that resulted in sale of these companies to non-Israeli entities including Intel and others

Prior to joining VAR Group, Carmit managed four global offices of a UK based retail company as well as established the administrative and customer service departments for the company. Earlier in her career, Carmit did the same at a Germany-based retail company.

Carmit has an MBA from Edinburgh Business School and a BSc. from Ben-Gurion University in Israel.