Our principals bring years of experience and a wealth of professional management and business knowledge to our firm. Combined with our core values of commitment, loyalty and integrity, our services have met both the high standards of our firm and the satisfaction and trust of our clients.

Operations are being managed by:

Yoav Kfir, CPA, Founder and Managing Director

Yoav Kfir, CPA, Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Kfir, 43, has served as a member of our Board of Directors since March 2014.  Mr, Kfir is also a board and audit committee member for Plaza Centers N.V and Elbit Medical Ltd. In addition Mr. Kfir also serves a board member in Conduit Ltd and previusoly served as a board & audit committee member at Orkit communications Ltd. Mr. Kfir is the Founder and Managing Director of the VAR Group, a Special Situations Merchant Bank  founded in 2001In this capacity Mr. Kfir handled around 200 cases of turnarounds, restructurings, special M&A’s & liquidations on a global basis involving $B’s of assets, liabilities & revenues of such companies while working with gobal Hedge funds, PE funds, VC;’s, banks, financial institutions and global companies. Mr. Kfir has served as interim Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, advisor or court appointed officer with respect to various companies. Among his roles, Mr. Kfir served as a creditors’ committee member in the restructuring process of the Company, receiver and trustee to Alvarion Ltd., financial advisor in the IDB Group take-over and restructuring process, trustee to Eshbal Technologies Ltd. and a court appointed expert to Sunny Electronics Ltd. Prior to founding VAR Group, Mr. Kfir managed audit cases as well as business development at Kesselman & Kesselman, a member of PwC International. Mr. Kfir is the sole non-government member of the Friends’ Society of Jerusalem Mental Hospitals and serves as chairman of several audit committees of non-profit organizations. Mr. Kfir holds a B.A in Business Administration from the College of Management, Rishon LeZiyon, and is a Certified Public Accountant.


Carmit Elmaliach, Director, Administration and Operations

Carmit Elmaliach

—Carmit is responsible for all of VAR’s client administration and operations related issues.—Carmit also manages processes at various VAR projects including the US-Israeli Universal Ad, Correlsense, Sandlinks, ESnips, Intercast, Printar, Neocleus, and others.
—Prior to joining VAR Group, Carmit worked at a UK-based retail company where she managed four company offices around the world as well as established the administrative and customer service departments for the company. Earlier in her career, Carmit managed offices anissues d administration at a Germany-based retail company.
—Carmit has an MBA from Edinburgh Business School and a BSc. from Ben-Gurion University in Israel.


Ofir Bramli, Adv.  – Legal advisor and portfolio manager clients


Ofir serves as legal counsel and portfolio manager at VAR customers.Ofir is responsible for managing client cases, financial analyzes and processes various projects such as the IDB, JEC, Acousticeye and more.Ofir brings legal expertise in the field of insolvency and tax law. Ofir specialized in Israeli Tax Authority’s liquidations, receiverships and bankruptcies unit.Prior joining the firm Ofir served as an officer in the military police investigator (MIU) in a variety of roles including Head of Fraud Investigation Unit and a Military Police station commander and he brings vast management experience.
Ofir has a law degree (LLB) with honors and an MBA specializing in management. Ofir is a member of the Israel Bar Association.


Yacov (Jacob) Levi –Member of VAR Fund management team

jacob levi

Extensive international managerial experience in financial systems, acquisition, establishment of public companies, IPOs and sales.
Highly skilled in project execution, establishing of strategy and creating business plans implementing goals and controlling processing.
Extensive experience in creating and developing ongoing business relations with banks, financial institutions and investors as well as maintaining them over extended periods of time.
High level finance experience with international companies, including Global Energy Finance Ltd. (UK), Swiss British FTC LTD (Zurich), Netvision 013 Barack (ISR), Cellcom (ISR) and Orek Group (ISR). Special expertise in funding solutions working with international banks on bondholding structures and designing/implementing large scale financial and operational control systems.
Executive B.A – Bachelor of Business Management from Ruppin Academic Center in Israel.